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E-Commerce Platform: Taobao Can Finally Change Its ID

2022/4/7 12:38:00 0


Recently, some netizens found that Taobao quietly updated the member name (ID) modification function, users can change the account name. "Troubled" many netizens for many years of small problems have finally been solved.

The modified path is: open Taobao app - my - Settings - account and security - Taobao account. Consumers only need to provide a mobile phone number or provide a number of * * to modify their ID. after verification, they can modify it, and the change will take effect immediately.. Taobao officials told the outside world that it initially planned to launch in mid April, but only once a year.

必威betway体育官网 The government conducted a small-scale gray scale test on March 16, and expanded the gray scale on March 23. The 10 million consumers randomly detected by gray scale have the opportunity to change their names,.

Taobao was born in 2003, and some names of users are "on the rise", but no matter what, modifying the account name has become the normal needs of users. Obviously, the platform has released a signal: Taobao has turned to the era of experience. The more clear the direction of user experience is.

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